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Job Postings and On-Campus Interviews

Job Postings

Handshake allows employers to post internships, co-ops, and full-time employment opportunities for all majors, schedule on-campus interviews, search student resumes, and register for career fairs and events. All WVU students and alumni have access to the system. Create a free profile today and take advantage of all that it offers, including a simple and free way to promote career opportunities to prospective employees.

On-Campus Interviewing

Schedule on-campus interviews today! Submit a request through Handshake to reserve a date.


On-campus interviews will be advertised to qualified students through several avenues, including Handshake, social media, e-mails, and faculty endorsements. Organizations are encouraged to provide detailed information, including marketing fliers, social media posts, etc. to enhance student marketing efforts.


We have various interview room locations throughout campus for the convenience of both students and recruiters:

  • Career Services Center located in the Mountainlair
  • Engineering exclusive interviews will be conducted in the Engineering Sciences Complex
  • Business & Economics exclusive interviews will be conducted in Reynolds Hall

Interview Scheduling/Format Options

WVU utilizes Handshake to coordinate and manage on-campus recruiting schedules. There are different options as to how candidates will be selected and sign-up for interview times when requesting an on-campus interview schedule. Options include:
  1. Room Reservation Only – The employer will be responsible for all scheduling arrangements and is only reserving space on campus to conduct interviews.
  2. Preselect – Candidates will submit their resumes online through Handshake for review. Only selected candidates labeled as ‘invited’ will be able to sign-up for an interview time. The maximum number of preselected candidates is based on the number of time slots available.
  3. Preselect to Alternate – This model follows the same process as #2, except alternates will also be selected. There is no set minimum or maximum as to the number of alternates selected; this is solely based on the employer’s discretion. Alternates will only be able to signup for an interview time if invited candidates either decline or fail to select a time slot.
  4. Preselect to Open – This model follows the same process as #2, however after a certain time period, set at the employer’s discretion, any student is able to sign-up for remaining time slots.
  5. Preselect to Alternate to Open – An employer will choose preselected candidates based on submitted resumes as well as alternates. If any interview times are still available after a certain time period, the remaining slots are open to any student.
  6. Open – Any student may sign-up for an interview time slot. Employers will NOT be able to review resumes prior to the student signing up for an interview time.


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