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Courses for Credit

Career Prep Courses for Credit

These one-credit hour courses focus on career exploration and planning from freshman to senior year.

ORIN 151: Choosing a Major and a Career

To provide guidance and clarity to students that find themselves unsure about a major and career path. The course is specifically for freshmen and sophomore students that have discovered that their initial major or career choice does not match their personal and professional aspirations. Students will be guided through a formal assessment of their personal characteristics, consider possible career choices and identify associated majors.

ORIN 152: Learning Career Skills

To provide students with information and resources necessary to begin building a strong foundation toward “career readiness” and an understanding of the importance of developing a comprehensive career plan. Students will be introduced to the advantages of developing an effective resume and associated career documents, as well as the importance of beginning to define their career goals.

ORIN 251: Preparing for Success

To provide resources to identify the extracurricular activities that best meet the needs of individual career planning and professional development. Students will continue to evaluate and select opportunities in study abroad, leadership, professional organizations, and service learning that will prepare them to be competitive as they enter into the job search process. Interviewing techniques and skills will also be addressed.

ORIN 252: Professional Development

To provide students with the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully launch a comprehensive job search. Students will learn how to search for potential employment opportunities and to utilize the latest available job search resources. Understanding the importance of professional branding, career development, and financial planning to meet life-long goals will also be covered.


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