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Courses for Credit

career prep courses for credit

Career Exploring and Planning and The Job Search Process are each 2-credit hours and are offered in the fall, spring, and summer as full and mid-semester courses. Both courses are offered online and as distance education web courses. 

UGST 151: Career Exploring/Planning

This class is designed for undergraduate students who have not firmly committed to a major or a career. Students will explore: skills, interests, and values clarification; decision making; career resources on campus; employment outlook; and career options.

UGST 252: The Job Search

This class deals with the job search as related to the college major and career. Practical and proven strategies and exercises for establishing and succeeding in careers are emphasized. Skills and interest assessments are part of the course. Guidelines for successful job searches including researching prospective employers, resume and cover letter writing, effective interview techniques and procedures, as well as career development issues are covered. Critical thinking skills and internet research related to careers are also developed.

In the Works

Career Services is currently redesigning these career courses to better support the objectives of our Greater Than a 4-Year Plan: Plan It, Build It, Work It, Live It approach to career readiness. 

Four one-hour courses will cover the progressive steps of your career plan from your freshmen year until graduation. 


View jobs and internships, search employers, sign-up for on-campus interviews, and learn about career fairs and events.

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