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Supervisor Resources

All hiring managers are required to post their student employment job opportunities in Handshake. Graduate Assistantships are encouraged to be posted, but not required at this time.

steps to hire an on-campus student employee

Student Employees can be a valuable member of your unit.


This form is for hiring managers who wish to post On-Campus positions and Graduate Assistantships to Handshake.

This form is optional for regular student employment supervisors, but required for Federal Work Study supervisors.

This form is to request current student employment and work-study positions to be expired in Handshake.

How to hire

  1. Receive applications via email from Handshake as students apply.
  2. Review applications.
  3. Conduct interviews (via phone, in-person or video)
  4. Contact the applicant to ensure they accept the position.
  5. Complete these forms:
Student and Other NBE New Hire Form
Student Employee Agreement Form


This form is for community based opportunities for students beyond traditional organizations such as paid babysitting, tutoring, indoor/outdoor projects as well as volunteer opportunities.

To request an off-campus opportunity, please complete the Off-Campus Job Posting Request Form and upon review, will be added to Handshake. All current students and alumni have Handshake accounts and are encouraged to use Handshake as their first choice in their job search.


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