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Dining Etiquette

9 Simple Rules for Dining with an Employer

  1. If you know the name of the restaurant, go to its website and double check the location. While there, take a look at the menu and decide in advance what to order.
  2. Dress as you would for a normal interview.
  3. Make an effort to arrive first. Wait in the lobby, not at the bar.
  4. No matter what time you arrive, check to see if your party is already there. You never know.
  5. Your interviewer is likely to let you order first. Avoid the booze. Consider sparkling water. It’s both grown up and non-alcoholic.
  6. Don’t order the most expensive thing. Don’t order the cheapest thing. Don’t order anything that is ostentatiously huge, smelly, crunchy, or requires wearing a bib to consume!
  7. Do not ask for a doggie bag.
  8. Only order dessert if the interviewer does.
  9. Be graceful about letting the interviewer pick up the tab. You were invited!

Courtesy of  U.S. News & World Report


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