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Applying to Graduate School

No matter what graduate degree you are planning to pursue, Career Services can assist with the application and interview process. We can help you refine your interests and find a graduate program that fits your needs. You can have your resume and personal statements reviewed by a career development specialist, as well as schedule a practice interview tailored to your graduate program of choice

Five Steps to Writing a Great Personal Statement

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying:

Here are some suggested questions to consider as you evaluate your readiness to pursue additional graduate or professional school options:

  • Do your career goals require an advanced degree for entry into the profession?
  • Can you describe your personal and professional reasons for going to graduate school?
  • Does your undergraduate record reflect your ability to do graduate level work?
  • Are you willing to undertake the financial obligations that will result from continuing your education?
  • Are you ready for one to five more years of course work at a much more intense level than your undergraduate experience?

How to Become a Competitive Applicant

Gaining admission to graduate school is a competitive process. It’s important that you possess the qualifications you need to be accepted. Here are few key areas to focus on: GPA; undergraduate research; experiential learning, such as internships, study abroad, or work experience; community involvement; and professional affiliations. You will also need strong letters of recommendation from faculty or research advisors. Keep in mind that it can take years to develop a professional relationship.

Application Process

Applying to graduate school is a multi-stage process that takes a great deal of time and planning. To increase your likelihood of being accepted, you need to start at least a year in advance to identify program specific deadlines, complete admittance exams, and compile your application packet which may include: transcripts, letter of recommendations, personal statements, curriculum vitae, and more.


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