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How to Take a Professional Headshot

  • Consider wearing solid-color clothing without patterns so it does not distract from your face
  • Dress for your role
    • Usually either business casual or business professional is best for a headshot photo
  • Hair should be neat and make-up should be natural-looking
  • Avoid big jewelry
  • Find a solid background that is tidy and clutter-free
    • This could be a solid-colored wall in your home
  • If you are taking the headshot indoors, set yourself up next to a window and turn off any lights in the room
    • Choose a time of day where non-directional light pours into the room
  • If you are outside, choose a shady area, stay away from direct sunlight or spotty light, and find an area with a simple background
  • Disable any flash on your mobile device or camera and always use the natural light from outside
  • Use your camera on a self-timer, or grab someone to take the photo(s) for you
    • If you are using a self-timer, set your phone up using a piece of furniture or mini phone stand
  • Ensure the camera is steady and eye-level 
  • Take multiple headshots for options o Pose in different positions, smile and try a few different clothing options
  • How you edit your photo is just as important as how you take it
    • Make sure it is bright enough, the contrast is right, and the sharpness makes your headshot look crisp
    • Afterlight is a great editing app if you need to adjust the lighting, contrast, or sharpness
  • Save the photo at its regular size so it does not lose resolution
  • Upload your picture on Handshake, LinkedIn, etc.