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Cover Letter Template

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Employer’s name
Employer’s address

Dear [employer’s name],

First Paragraph

  • Introduce yourself.
  • State the position title, job number and where you saw the ad (include date).
  • Indicate if someone recommended you. Hint: general referrals come from family or friends who know someone at the prospective employer’s company.
  • You should always get approval from your referral to use their name in your cover letter.

Second Paragraph

  • Indicate your interests – include your career interests and your interests in the specific organization.
  • Identify with the product/service (personal experience with the company).
  • What you read or heard about the employer – only positive things.
  • Discuss opportunities to practice your profession.

Third Paragraph

  • Highlight why the employer would be interested in you.
  • Some things to talk about: experience, academic credentials, honors. This is not a rehash of your resume. Include items not specifically covered in your resume.
  • Key points from your resume (elaborate on them; tell a little story).
  • Keep statements factual.

Fourth Paragraph (If applicable)

  • Can provide explanations for what is on their resume (example: low GPA – you worked while in school).
  • Always make positive statements about your credentials.
  • Don’t ever say you meet the company’s criteria – only what you can do.

Final Paragraph

  • Indicate the follow-up you plan to do (call to provide further information, arrange an interview, find out job specifics).
  • Thank the person for their time and consideration.
  • If you indicate that you will contact them in the near future, you need to make sure you do it!

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