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Why It Is Important to Write Thank You Notes


Although it may not seem like it, a simple thank you note after an interview can reflect very favorably as a candidate for a position. It could be the difference between getting the job or them giving it to someone else. It is a simple gesture that does not take much time or effort. Thank you notes should be sent to an employer within the same day as your interview, usually within a few hours. This means it is important to ensure you ask for their email or physical address. 

There are several reasons that thank-you notes help you stick out to employers:

  1. Thank you notes show that you respect the employer. Mountaineers are always respectful and courteous. By sending a thank you note to acknowledge that they took their time and effort to speak with you, it leaves no doubt of your appreciation. 
  2. Many people don’t send one, so if you do, you will stand out. Since some applicants do not send thank you notes, this gives you another opportunity to shine!
  3. Thank you notes can allow you to retouch some of the points that you spoke about during the interview. It is also an opportunity to touch on points you may have forgotten to mention. There may be some topics you spoke to but did not emphasize enough. Or maybe even a topic you forgot to mention, such as a skill or experience. After saying thank you, you can follow up with a second paragraph to touch upon points you made in the interview or even mention those things you forgot.
  4. This is a chance to show your written communication skills. This allows an employer to see what your skills look like on paper. In most jobs, your written communication skills will be very important for emailing and communicating daily.

Cover Letters and Thank You Letters

Below is an example of what a good thank you note looks like:

Good Afternoon ______,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today! I enjoyed getting to know more about the (position) and I am excited about the opportunity to join your team. I admire the missions and values that drive the business and look forward to implementing some of the ideas we spoke about earlier.  

I would be thrilled to join (the company) and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me to help move the process forward.

Best Regards, 

(your name)

5 Tips from Students for Students

Whether interviewing for a position or even chatting with an employer, you’ll want that meeting to be positively reinforced. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when forming and sending your thank you’s:

  1. When sending follow-up/thank you notes, you’ll want to include an interesting piece or something you learned from the meeting in your email. This shows the employer that you listened to what they were saying and are excited about what the future may hold. An example of this could be something like “I enjoyed our conversation about how environmental initiatives are so important for companies to support today, and I’d love to chat more in the future.”
  2. When in-person interviewing resumes, one of the savviest tips I’ve ever received was to bring your thank you note with you to the meeting and drop it off at the employer’s front desk or mailbox while you’re leaving. This way, they’ll get the note by the end of the day, and you don’t have to worry about asking them where you should send any mail - so smart!
  3. As situations with the pandemic improve, it’s important to note that a physical, hand-written thank you goes a long way, compared to an email. Of course, an email is a viable option as well, but handwritten notes are much more memorable because they are more rare and personalized. If you do choose this route, be sure to pick up some professional stationery to reflect a professional persona!
  4. If you’re sending an email thank-you, be sure to have a professional signature attached to your email! This is very easy and can typically be done right through your account settings.
  5. Be sure to always include an appropriate phone number as well, and set up a professional voicemail if you have not already done so!

Thanks for reading - we hope the information and tips lead you to successfully lock-in your best first impression! 

Happy job hunting, Mountaineers!

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