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Additional Experiential Learning Resources

Experiential learning can come in many forms from volunteering to student abroad. Check out the links below for additional resources available at WVU.

  • Undergraduate Research: UR allows you to creatively use your discipline-specific knowledge in novel ways to answer outstanding questions in your field, explore ideas in a real world setting, and train under the supervision of an expert faculty member.
  • Study Abroad: In today's interconnected and global world, having an international experience can help set you apart and give you valuable skills that will help you in the future. WVU is committed to providing unique, educational, and rewarding international opportunities to its students.
  • Leadership: Demonstrating strong leadership skills to employers is a great way to set yourself apart. Opportunities are available through individual programs, retreats, and experiential learning.
  • Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement is a diverse experience providing students the opportunity and guidance to become civically engaged citizens, scholars, and leaders through interdisciplinary events. Including academic service-learning, research, volunteerism and partnerships.

  • Student Employment: Student Employment assists students in finding part-time and seasonal employment to offset educational costs and build attractive resumes.