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Career Services Communication

Tracking Form: Classroom, Student Organization, Residence Hall, and other Presentations

Purpose: Collect and aggregate student interaction data that cannot be tracked in Handshake. Please submit your forms as quickly as possible after each presentation. Tracking student activity flow chart

Professional Development Presentations: External Audience Request Form

Purpose: To streamline the request process and attempt to capture all required information during the initial request. If people contact you directly, ask them to fill out the form. They will have the option to request a specific presenter. If they leave it blank, Toni and Erica will assign the person whose availability and expertise best match the topic. Request a presentation flow chart

Handouts (Over 50 Copies) or Promotional Materials: Request Form

When to Complete this Form:

  • If you need 50 or more copies of the eight handouts listed below. The designs require professional printing.
  • Dining & Etiquette, Experiential Learning, Interviewing Skills, Job Search Process, Job Offers and Benefits, Networking, Professional Documents, Work a Career Fair
  • If you are representing Career Services at an information fair or marketing booth, Alli will create a customized event box that includes relevant promotional and reference materials.

Printable Reference Documents:

There are a number of branded reference documents on the share drive that you are welcome to print in house. You do not need to request copies through this form.

  • Handshake User Guide, 4-Year Plan Booklet, P/B/W/L It Checklist, About Us, Action Verbs, Career Development Opportunities for International Students, CareerShift, Cover Letter Template, Create Your Elevator Pitch, Focus, and Interview Questions

Accessible via the Share Drive: Common > Student Handouts > For Counselors > Printable

Branded Career Services PowerPoint:

To update a PowerPoint, you can click the "New Slide" button or the drop down arrow beside "new slide" or "layout" on the top panel to add the content to those slides. Then, send your revisions to Alli to put them in the same brand.

Accessible via the Share Drive: Common > Professional Development Presentations on PPT

**Available in PPT and PDF formats.

New Marketing Project: Creative Brief

Purpose: While we are trying to replace handouts with web-based reference material as much as possible, there are times for a great printed piece! If you need a customized document or have an idea for a fun marketing piece, please fill out this creative brief four to six weeks in advance.

On-Campus Interview Details Form

Sponsorship Request Details Form

WVUe 191 Presentation