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Build It.

  • Update your resume(s) in MountaineerTRAK

  • Determine what types of skills and experiences are required in your field (e.g. internships, volunteer experience, study abroad, etc.) 

  • Draft a cover letter and upload it to MountaineerTRAK 

  • Consider registering for ORIN 152 - Learning Career Skills: Begin preparing for an internship or other career-related work experience

  • Attend career fairs and professional development events throughout the year 

  • Select your extracurricular activities, including organizations and volunteer services 

  • Begin to develop relationships with faculty, friends, and family regarding internship possibilities 

  • Be strategic when selecting a summer job—get direct experience in your career field 

  • Investigate options for study abroad or international internship opportunities 

  • Consider a job shadowing experience in your field

Building a career takes work, but you’re up for the challenge. Now that you’ve planned out your major and career path, you need to determine what types of personal and professional qualifications and experience are required to build a great resume in your field. Does your target career require an internship, volunteerism, study abroad or global experience, leadership skills, or specific technical knowledge? Once you know these answers, our career counselors can help you understand how to acquire them and assist you with the process to ensure that you stay on track to achieving your personal and career goals. 

Most employers—or graduate program if an advanced degree is in your future—are looking for well-rounded candidates who can demonstrate their ability to balance school, work, and community involvement. More often than not, you will have to demonstrate that on a one-page resume before ever speaking to a recruiter. The quality of your experience will need to speak for itself, which is why you need to start now. 

You have questions, so we have answers:


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