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March 22, 2017

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
2:00 – 2:25 p.m.
General Session/Keynote Speaker
Presenter: Justin Driscoll, Pittsburgh Technology Council

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2:30 – 3:15 p.m.
Option 1: I’m Here, Now What?Resources for Students with the End in Mind
PresenterJessie Barclay, Career Counselor, Career Services Center
Suggested Audience: Freshman/Sophomore
Sponsored by: 
West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services 
Working towards your career is a process that should start as soon as you start college.This session will address how students should be active in their career development through their entire college career. Resources will also be introduced, so students always know where to turn when needing additional assistance in the process.

Option 2: What are Employers Looking For?  
Panelists: Matthew Owens, Recruiting Coordinator, Digital Intelligence Systems,                    LLC (DISYS)
                 Cory Reath, Executive Sourcer, Highmark Health            
Suggested Audience: Sophomore/Junior/Senior
Sponsored by: DISYS

We all know that employers are looking for employees, but what are they looking for in those employees? In this session, get feedback directly from employers as to the skills and qualities they look for when hiring students for internships or entry-level positions. Discussions will also cover the importance of researching the company and its culture prior to pursuing career opportunities. 

Option 3: Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer  
Presenters: Mark Myers, Partner, Ross, Langan & McKendree
                    Hilah Zia, Senior Grants and Finance Administrator, Children’s                                    National Health System
                    Jackie Riggleman, Assistant General Manager of WV Black Bears  
Suggested Audience: Senior/Graduate
Sponsored by: Ross, Langan and McKendree, LLP 

Learn from recent alumni about how they navigated the job search process at WVU.  These alumni will also present about how they’ve continued to engage with their Alma Mater and are now a part of a team at their companies who look to identify new talent from WVU. You’ll learn how to stay connected with WVU as you embark on your career path.

3:30 – 4:15 p.m.
Option 1: The Value of an Internship  
MaryBeth Allen, Campus Recruiter, EY            
Suggested Audience: 
Sponsored by: EY 
You may have already heard your professors or career services team members touting the benefits of an internship but have you heard about the advantages from employers and other students who are currently experiencing them? In this session, gain insight on the value of an internship from the perspective of students who have participated in them and companies who offer them.

Option 2: How to be a STAR in an Interview  
Presenter: Kimberly Coronel,  Assistant Director of Recruitment, Northwestern                            Mutual 
Suggested Audience: Sophomore/Junior/Senior/Graduate
Sponsored by: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Behavioral based interviews are very common. Do you know how to be a STAR in the interview? This session will provide tips and techniques that will benefit you in any interview situation by focusing on how to respond with examples that include the Situation or Task, Action you took and Results you achieved.

Option 3: In Pursuit of Graduate School
Presenter: Shelly Stump, Interim Director, WVU Graduate Admissions and                                  Recruitment
                  Beth Pierpont, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Financial                          Support, WVU College of Law  
Suggested Audience: Junior/Senior
Sponsored by: Marathon Petroleum Corporation

You have almost completed your undergrad program but want to add to your qualifications with an advanced degree. Now what?!? What is the GRE? What is the GMAT? What should you do next? This session will provide information on how to evaluate different graduate schools and programs, how to navigate the application process and what to expect in Graduate School. 

4:30 – 5:15 p.m.
Option 1: It’s Not Too Late to Join a Student Org
Panelists: Carrie Digman, Hospitality Club
                 Preston Hafer, Management Information Systems Association (MISA)
                 Ahemd Haque, Engineers without Borders 
                 Kaitlyn Whyte, Undergraduate Communication Association
Suggested Audience: Freshman/Sophomore/Junior

Everyone knows that in college you have a lot of opportunities to network and meet new people, but how? In this session you will learn from fellow students, the advantages of being a member of a student org and the career opportunities that often wouldn’t exist if not a member of a student org.

Option 2: Building a Personal Brand and Positioning Your Career Plan 
Presenter: Tom Roulston, Chief Ambassador, Trust Navigator 
Suggested Audience:  All

In this discussion, several points will be highlighted including how to start building a brand and finding a passion. Utilizing the building blocks of personality tests, career exposure, resumes, LinkedIn and Facebook branding, and the internet as a tool for doing due diligence will be explored as resources to help build one’s brand. The second subject will address the employer thought process of finding their candidates and how to get to the top of their pile of candidates.  By focusing on the cover letter, resume and NETWORKING all while pursuing your passion and the right fit, we’ll give you tips for positioning your career plan.   

Option 3: #adulting – Transitioning to the “Real World”  
Jeff Green, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Suggested Audience: Senior/Graduate
Sponsored by: Enterprise Rent-a-Car

In this session, you’ll gain insight as to how to adapt to the work environment after having been in an academic environment.  It can be an adjustment for most to properly manage their finances, search for housing, and establish a new social and professional network.  Regardless of where you’re transitioning after graduation, we hope to give you some tools to make the transition as smooth as possible.